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Gear Factory is an incremental clicker game, which means that it is highly casual and does not require much user interaction. It is great to pass time when you have to do something else. The UI is designed to be very simple and fluid making the gameplay more enjoyable. Your main goal is to produce as many gears or cogs as you can, but you also have to reinvest the gears you produce to buy machines, which will in turn produce more gears every tick. You will slowly build your gear factory empire. After you accumulate enough gears and purchase ten interdimesional portals the ability to reset your progress, which will give you one restart point, will be unlocked. Restart points unlock additional bonuses.


  • 10 unique machines
  • Offline production
  • User-friendly UI
  • Reset system, which lets you replay the game over and over
  • No microtransactions
  • Bonuses in subsequent playthroughs

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