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A game with working economy, demand and market, try to manage your comapany and make millions, however you have to be careful, because the need for every resource is limited, you have to be carful and adjust your production if you want the prices to keep rising.

How to play:

One you start a new game, you have only few miners available. Find the most expensive resource in the comodity market screen and then in the Mining management screen assign miners to mine that resource, remember to keep the miner count white, red means that you are flooding the market with the resource and price drops, green means that there is not enaugh of the resource and the price is slowly rising but you the amount you can mine isn't rising. So the best strategy in the beggining is to keep the miners balanced.

After some time you can upgrade your mining efficiency in science center which increases the amount you mine out in each tick.


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How do you play? I can see and get to the top 2 images on this page here but nothing I do changes anything. It's just the very top screen shot here during play. I can open menu's but that's it. WASD don't do anything despite the launcher saying that's how you move or whatever.

Can you explain whats supposed to be happening?

I added a guide to the game description here on itch.io. You don't move, you manage what is mined every tick in the menus on the left.

Interesting! Not quite sure how to play though.

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I'll make an in game tutorial soon, but basicaly you have to keep the number of miners blue, if they are red you are owerflowing the market, if they are green you are supplying to much, science center lets you upgrade your efficience and you can buy new miners and check your current statistics under company tab.